About Connie

Based out of Mono Township, Connie and her husband Rafael are in their second season as food entrepreneurs. Connie arrived in Canada at a young age in 1970; later, when she and Rafael married, they raised their family in Barrie for 25 years. Now that the children are grown, the couple settled for a smaller home on more land. They farm about ten acres between the 1st and 2nd line of Mono just north of 30th Sideroad and recently put a sign at the lane for fresh vegetables for sale. Connie calls their business “a very rewarding hobby that they hope will serve the community.” “We grow our own food to eat good quality food and want to provide the community with the same things we like,” says Connie. For Connie, this means not only good food, but good food grown close to home. This season, the couple expanded their vegetable garden and harvested syrup from the maple bush of about 300 trees at the back of their property. Next year, they plan to further increase their syrup production. Connie incorporates the syrup in her baking recipes. One of Connie’s bestsellers is her homemade tomato sauce. When she made her tomato sauce for her kids’ friends, they said they just couldn’t go back to store-bought sauce – and so she started making it to sell. Other favourite delicacies out of Connie’s Kitchen include Italian dishes, bread and cookies, including biscotti in a variety of flavours, as well as jams, jellies, soups, farm fresh vegetables and canned goods. One of the greatest rewards for Connie and Rafael is getting to see their four children more often. Connie says they have been blessed with four great kids, who enjoy coming to the farm and spending time in the open space and fresh air, and of course, shopping for good food – from who else, but their busy Mom in Connie’s Kitchen.


"Considering changing my name to Biscotti Monster"
Cookie Monster
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